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Star and Moon Ring Set

Star and Moon Ring Set

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Crossed the first four opening ring: The X-shaped cross pattern symbolizes the union of the universe and the stars, two distinct personalities. Additionally, it is the entwining of light and light: "If snow happens to fall on your shoulder, that is it embracing you for me." Despite how chilly it is, there are occasionally amorous meetings. The ring's X-shaped design, which combined round balls, stars, and zircons with several design elements, gave it a touch of playfulness and made it stand out.

Double moon opening ring: The two diamonds are set in a staggered pattern to resemble two stars moving in opposite directions. When you were little, you used to make wishes to the stars on the Christmas tree, and the stars would grant your wishes by leaving gifts under the tree. As you become older, you start giving presents and the stars start giving you gifts. Additionally, you rise to fame. The two zircons are arranged in a basic yet creative double-layer arc pattern. It adds an excellent accent to the overall contour and is distinctive and striking.

Single moon opening ring: The most flawless arc is created when a shooting star traverses the night sky, according to the  For it, people make wishes. The star is at its brightest at that precise moment. We can only learn how to become brilliant by experiencing other people's brightness. We came to an understanding with the stars that in the future, we must both shine. A glittering zircon is added to the fundamental pattern to offer a delicate texture. The ring is adaptable and strong, and it can be worn alone or stacked. It is more comfortable to wear thanks to the opening ring's adjustable design.

Material: Brass plated with rhodium

                Synthetic cubic zirconia

Size: Adjustable 

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