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Ancient Coin and Pearl Stud Earrings

Ancient Coin and Pearl Stud Earrings

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Coins carry the prosperity of an era, with one side of Roman ancient coins bearing the engraving of a crowned monarch, while the other side is inscribed with the blessings of the gods. This is reflected in various art forms such as architecture, sculpture, and historical humanities. To bring back the richness and poetic charm of ancient Rome, copper is combined with pearls to reinterpret the prosperity and artistic beauty of ancient Rome.

Ancient Coin and Pearl Stud Earrings: The left and right relief patterns are different, with one side featuring the side profile of Augustus and the other side showcasing the image of the goddess Victoria. These earrings are adorned with 1.5mm cubic zirconia. The thickness of the coin body is full, preserving intricate details.

Baroque pearls have become a highly popular jewelry element in recent years. Each baroque pearl has a unique, irregular natural form with natural surface wrinkles and undulations, making each one distinct. The pearl clasp complements the melting wax droplet shape, adding exquisite details.

This versatile and elegant design, with just the right size and delicate details, utilizes a two-layer thick plating process to ensure long-lasting color retention. Each baroque pearl has its own unique beauty. Please note that the shape of the pearls may vary.

Material: Brass(pins are silver), Natural Baroque Pearls

Length: 3cm

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