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FeeGaro Necklace and Earrings Set

FeeGaro Necklace and Earrings Set

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FeeGaro necklaces and earrings are a very popular jewelry brand on Instagram. In street photography, celebrities, and social media influencers have worn some of their individual pieces.

A small beaded circle surrounds the chain of the love chain earrings, and the polished surface of the heart emits a heartbeat-moving signal. The three-dimensional, elegant tassel chain design creates the illusion of fullness without appearing thin. The tassel earrings are a positive aspect of the choice of private clothing. Its style is powerful yet delicate, dynamic, and girly. Some modest everyday fashions are likewise finely crafted and enticing, not just for flamboyant celebrity looks.

Major fashion bloggers frequently name the FeeGaro necklace, which has a circular chain collision and a snake-bone chain, as one of their favorite pieces of jewelry. It is easy and fashionable, bold and free-spirited, with a slight American and vintage Japanese flavor, so the pairing does not have to be unduly considered. Given its popularity among celebrities, the somewhat aged finish and excellent craftsmanship make it a fantastic value. We suggest their brand if you appreciate American street style and can handle bright beauty.

Material: Brass plated with 18K gold

Size: Heart chain earring length: 2cm

        FeeGaro necklace length: 40cm+5cm

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