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Ancient Coin and Pearl Necklace

Ancient Coin and Pearl Necklace

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Coins carry the prosperity of an era, with one side of Roman ancient coins bearing the engraving of a crowned monarch, while the other side is inscribed with the blessings of the gods. This is reflected in various art forms such as architecture, sculpture, and historical humanities. To bring back the richness and poetic charm of ancient Rome, copper is combined with pearls to reinterpret the prosperity and artistic beauty of ancient Rome.

Ancient Coin Necklace: The OT clasp is a classical jewelry fastening style, with the interplay of circles and straight lines. This cleverly balanced clasp adds a sense of ceremony to wear and can be reversed for two different looks.

The irregular shape of the OT clasp is inspired by traditional European wax seals used to seal envelopes. It represents the contrast between a melting form and the hardness of metal. The side thickness contrast, with a coin face width of 13mm and a side thickness of 3mm, adds delicacy without sacrificing quality. Two 4mm Swarovski crystal pearls are used, giving a high-quality pearl sheen, and the two-layer thick plating ensures long-lasting gold color retention.

The designer drew inspiration from six real coins found in museums to create this design. To achieve a high-relief and realistic texture with a sense of age, only the gaps between the front and back faces of the coin are left unpolished. Each coin face's details and marks may vary slightly, giving each piece a unique design texture.

 Necklace Chain Length: 40cm(OT clasp)

Material: Brass, Swarovski Pearls

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