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18K Twisted Braided Ear Hoops

18K Twisted Braided Ear Hoops

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  Earrings are a close-up accessory that shapes the face by delicately highlighting facial lines and curves. This pair of ear studs, which are covered in a rich texture and exude an elegant mystique, is a great choice. A plain white T-shirt is stylishly improved by these braided horn earrings.

In contrast to plain circles, the circle earrings are made to wrap around the braided pattern, giving them a more upscale appearance. Numerous bloggers and celebrities love wearing these earrings because of their timeless look. It is breathtakingly lovely. Gold for classic rock & roll, silver for regular wear, and dual-tone for special versatility This earring, which was inspired by a braided design, intertwines and displays various lusters in several dimensions, giving any outfit a trendy air.

The braided ear cuff in the shape of a C is the hardest to polish uniformly with distinct curves. You can experience a different kind of beauty with the dual-tone style, which has a sophisticated and distinctive color-blocking pattern using gold and silver. The heavy metal pattern is hip and adaptable, ideal for a chilly, windswept look!

Material: White gold and 18k gold plating on brass

Color: Silver



Specifications: Diameter of about 2 cm

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