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18K Pearl OT Necklace

18K Pearl OT Necklace

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This is a unique and stylish necklace made of natural Baroque pearls from the Portuguese small-batch brand, Persta. The combination of the Baroque pearls and this year's popular OT clasp creates a high-end yet playful and sweet look that is on par with the Japanese AK style. The Baroque pearls' irregular and asymmetrical shapes add a touch of casualness and freedom to the innate elegance and delicacy of round pearls. The natural and primitive appearance of Baroque pearls is the outcome of nature's bold and artistic carving.

During a recent visit to a pearl farm, I acquired this exquisite white Baroque pearl necklace with a smooth and flawless surface, which glows brilliantly under different lighting. The unique and delicate OT clasp adds a refined touch to the simple design, making it easy to match any outfit. The necklace features a gradual increase in pearl size, showcasing the timeless and perpetual growth pattern of all things in nature. This piece of jewelry embodies the essence of respecting and embracing nature.

Materials: Natural Baroque pearls, brass with gold plating

Size: Length of Pearl OT Necklace: 35 + 5 cm

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