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18K Heart and Leaf pearl Necklace Set

18K Heart and Leaf pearl Necklace Set

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Vintage, luxury heart and the Leaf Pearl Necklace Set with OT Pendant are perfect for those who want to show off their sophisticated and elegant French charm. Each pearl in the whole strand is a small irregular shape and is accompanied by a small gold leaf pendant dotted with zircon. The layered effect of the metal-colored heart pendant necklace creates a particularly rich sense of hierarchy. Each pearl is different and carefully selected by hand. The natural Baroque-shaped pearls occasionally leave growth marks, but their flaws do not detract from their beauty.

The heart-shaped pendant is the essence of craftsmanship, and the OT clasp on the pendant is a striking design. The difficulty lies in the meticulousness of the shape of the heart. Each groove needs to be cut from different angles and then hand-polished and electroplated. The white zircon in the center adds detail to the heart. The outline of the heart is carved with an old-fashioned texture, delicate and smooth, and the rich sense of layering highlights a unique aesthetic sense.

The set is designed for advanced layering, and the pieces can be worn separately. This is the perfect purchase for those who love European and American fashion.

Material: Heart necklace-Brass gold-plated with 18k gold+zircon

                 Leaf Pearl Necklace: Brass gold-plated with 18k gold+zircon+Baroque pearl

Size: Leaf pearl necklace: 35+6cm, Heart OT necklace: 44cm


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