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18K Gold Pearl Double-layer Necklace

18K Gold Pearl Double-layer Necklace

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This is a natural pearl double-layer necklace designed by a niche designer. I love the texture of the newly entered handmade silver jewelry! The design combined with freshwater pearls is an elegant and fashionable element. Pearls are the tears of the sea, gathering drop by drop, and this designer abandons the traditional aesthetic habit of round and regular pearls. Instead, natural irregular freshwater pearls are combined in a free and random way, and then silver is used to manually replicate the pearls, fully restoring the natural texture and form of pearls. The overall material is composed of 925 silver plated with 18k white gold and freshwater irregular pearls, which is easy to maintain and unlikely to cause allergies when worn.

This simple and detailed double-layer collarbone necklace is easy to wear and has a design element. The elegance and gentleness of pearls combined with the simplicity and neatness of silver make it suitable for daily wear with feminine dresses or professional workwear. This necklace is especially recommended for lovers of stacked necklaces. You get two necklaces for the price of one, without it feeling too cumbersome or burdensome. The pearl element balances out the coldness of the chain, making it a highly recommended accessory!

Material: 925 silver plated with 18k white gold + natural freshwater irregular pearls

Size: chain length: 32cm+5cm+8cm

         Pearl: 7-9mm (the size of each natural irregular pearl will have deviations, please                       refer to the actual item received)

weight: 8.04g

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