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18K Double-sided Heart Necklace

18K Double-sided Heart Necklace

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One necklace, two ways to wear it. Made of silver plating with 18K gold. 

"The beauty of women is not only one-sided." With the classic love collision lock element, a reversed heart is created, and the necklace can be worn in two ways. The fashionable black-gold combination and the exquisite white-gold combination can both be easily unlocked according to your preference. It is quite cost-effective to buy two necklaces for the price of one necklace! The material is 925 silver plated with real gold, distinguishing it from the chaotic copper-plated or alloy-plated imitations.

A-side black agate-the heart of power. Black agate exudes a retro feeling and pure beauty that transcends time. The black-gold combination is timeless.

B-side white mother-of-pearl-the heart of fearlessness. Natural white mother-of-pearl exhibits a five-color iridescent effect under different lighting environments. It is not too grand but brings a subtle delicacy.

The imported Italian pure silver polka dot chain is triple-layered and electroplated. The starry shape and double-sided pendant combination are very eye-catching. However, this necklace is indeed not easy to manufacture; it is all hand-polished, and the cutting requirements for mother-of-pearl are very high. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness is truly high.

Material: silver plated with 18K real gold, natural white mother-of-pearl, and black agate. Length: 39cm+2.5cm+2.5cm

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