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18K Chain and Pearl Bracelet

18K Chain and Pearl Bracelet

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This year's popular trend of combining pearl string and metal chain creates a half-pearl, half-chain design. Bloggers perfectly interpret its versatility, bringing a vintage feel of the Renaissance period. Pearls are essential, but the addition of chains with a trendy vibe creates a full-bodied style.

Princess Diana once said, "If a woman can only own one piece of jewelry, it must be a pearl." Memories of pearls belong to our mothers and grandmothers- elegant, gentle, and intellectual. As we grow older, we become a new self, gentle, delicate, and chic, becoming a walking fairy. Pearls give off a gentle aura, intellectual and full of femininity, while metal chains bring a sense of masculinity. The combination of these two creates a perfect balance between hard and soft, creating a stunning style that sets you apart from the crowd.

Therefore, the most expensive and biggest brand does not necessarily mean the most special. Refuse to be the same, only then you will stand out!

Material: Brass heavily plated with 18K gold + bead pearl.

Size: Bracelet total length: 17cm, pearl length: 6cm.

The length of the necklace and bracelet can be adjusted to fit your neck and wrist perfectly.

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